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When do you send wedding invitations?

This question comes up so often from so many people. Just when do you send out your wedding invitations and/or when is too early? We are all dieing to know! The general rule of thumb is eight (8) to ten (10) weeks prior to your wedding day. Sending your invitations too early or too late is considered to be impolite.

*Sending too early, your guests are likely to forget about your big day. *Sending too late, your guests may already have plans and won't be able to attend. *Sending too early or late is considered to be impolite.

If you are concerned about sending them earlier than ten (10) weeks because your guests need to travel or take time off of work, send out a Save the Date, but don't send them for only one (1) or two (2) guests. If you are important enough, they will already know about your wedding date or they'll make every effort to attend your wedding regardless.


Along with when do you send out your invitations, when should you get your response cards sent back to you? This question will vary slightly upon when your venue needs to know dinner numbers, some ask for two (2) weeks and some ask for three (3) weeks. But ideally, your guests should have their response card for three (3) to four (4) weeks and you should have them back for three (3) to four (4) weeks. And remember, no matter how much or little of time you allow your guests to send them back to you, you will have some that don't send it back (even with a stamp on it).

If your wedding day is March 28, you should send out your invitations February 1. Your guests should in-turn send back their response card to you between February 20 - March 1, depending upon when your venue needs dinner numbers. Remember, don't be impolite. Send out your invitations in a timely manner, enough so your guests won't forget and enough so you give enough time. Like 8-10 weeks! -Best Amanda

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