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Is buying online really better.

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

So today I was interested in knowing the prices of other 'online' retailers, since I have to compete against their ease of sitting on your couch and ordering your invitations and getting them within a week.

I searched a few places, so lets see the competition. Everything is based off the easiest design, 1 sided, regular matte stock with envelope and 150 invitations needed.

SHUTTERFLY - formerly Wedding Paper Divas Currently they are having a 50% off everything sale and the below prices reflect that.

Response card - $0.62/ea = $93.00

Invitation - $1.15/ea = $172.50 Details card - $0.69/ea = $103.50

TOTAL = $369.00

VISTAPRINT - yes you can get lots of coupons for 40 or 50% off.

Invitation - $117.00 Response card - $78.00 Details card - $78

TOTAL = $273.00


​​Invitation - $2.15/ea = $333 Response card - $1.50/ea = $233 Details card - $1.38/ea = $2.14

TOTAL = $568.14

ZAZZLE - currently running 50% off and prices reflect that they don't offer 150 invites, it goes from 100 to 250 as the next option, so I put 100 in my cart and then an additional 50.

​​Invitation - first 100 $1.23/ea = $123 Invitation - next 50 $1.54/ea = $77 Response card - first 100 $1.18/ea = $118 Response card - next 50 $1.47/ea = $73.50

Details card - not offered

TOTAL = $391.50


Invitation - $0.98/ea = $147.00 Response card - $0.75/ea = $112.50 Details card - not offered

TOTAL = $259.50


Invitation - $1.40/set Response card - included Details card - included

TOTAL = $210

While buying online is convenient and easy, you don't get to feel the paper. You don't get to talk with someone who knows the ins and outs of wedding etiquette. You don't get personalized service and your invitation can be the same as the next person down the street.

I've ordered from Vistaprint and I was NOT satisfied with the paper quality, it was flimsy, I was greatly disappointed. If you want heavier good quality paper, you have to pay for it and the invitation above, was $2/ea more for premium matte, which is what I'd recommend. You also can't get matted invitations or pocket style invitations from the most well known places, you'd have to search for them and pay for it. Anything with foil, letter press, or engraving you will also pay for, and believe me, you'll pay $$$$ (even though they are gorgeous).

Moral of the story, don't always buy online just to save a buck or settle on something because it's cheaper. Ordering from a reputable source for your wedding stationery needs means that you care and put effort into it, even though they eventually will get thrown away.

Best, Amanda

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