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Mail Call

Now a days everything seems to be rushed and everything seems to be electronic. Everyone these days seems to send a text or do an evite or send a facebook message - heaven forbid you call someone on the phone.

What happens if you’re like my friends and don't check your e-mail, or what if you don’t get the concept of texting or per say, you don't own a computer or don’t have your phone attached to your hip every minute? You've missed LIFE as some people would say. Technology is so advanced and so quick - but you need to have it and need to know how to use it.

Did you know that you can still interact with people by using the telephone, by sending mail that a mailman delivers, or oh my gosh, visit someone!!

Isn’t it fun to get a card in the mail, or gasp….a letter? Isn’t it fun if your kids get mail, it makes their whole day to get that one small piece of mail, and they get excited when they get to send it too.

So why not send an invitation, you may only be needing 5 invitations but make something special, something that people will remember and something that is you. Make a special piece of stationery for your child’s party, even if it’s only for your child's friends, it means something; it means you care. It means that your phone is not more important than your child, or that your facebook status isn't updated for just 5 minutes.

Put down the cell phone and stop texting - call me, or e-mail me - and lets send some mail!!!

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