When do I send?

Updated: Jul 27

This question comes up, A LOT. Just when do I send out my wedding invites?

Rule of thumb - send out eight to ten weeks prior to your wedding day. Usually I say for a summer wedding or a holiday weekend, ten weeks is preferred, but if you've done Save the Dates, eight weeks is perfect. If you end up sending out your invites any sooner than ten weeks your guests will forget about your wedding, or may not send back the response card because they 'have time'. Think of it this way: Your guest gets four weeks to respond to you and you get four weeks to get all your ducks in a row in regards to how many are coming and what they may be eating if you are offering plated meals. If you are low on time, six weeks is ok to send them out but anything less than that your guests likely have already made plans, unless of course they've known about your big day for awhile now.