Make yourself or the pro's?

So you need an invitation for a party, your wedding, even a christmas card. You want to make that piece of 'stationery' yourself because it's cheaper...but is it?

I want to walk you through the typical stages of doing this - you are more than apt to do this I'm sure, but I just want to explain to you your thought of it being 'cheaper' for you to do this yourself.

Here are the tools you'll need:

A computer with some type of software to create 'art' - Microsoft Word will even work for this (so it's probably free to you). You can hand write or draw if you're so inclined, but printing is so much nicer.

Envelopes - you can buy a pack of 10 at Target or Michaels for like $5, be sure you get the right size!

Paper - you need paper better than that 20lb crap at your office, you need cardstock or cover stock - you can again go to Target or Michaels and get some and pay about $10 for 25 sheets or order some online and pay for shipping. Mind you if you're doing a wedding and want some fancy stuff going on here, you'll pay much more for paper and printing.

Printing - you can use your ink jet printer at home, hopefully it has color because that is pretty blah if its only black unless you're having a black and white party or making newsprint (which I"m not dissing, I have a fabulous invite that is black and white).

If you don't have a printer, you'll have to send it to a printer - believe me on this one if nothing else - I'm call around the appleton, wi area - you will pay at least $0.56/ea for black and white $0.69 piece of paper (if you're smart you will put 2 invites on 1 piece of paper to save money).

Let's say you are ordering 25 invitations for a rainbow baby shower and you want some thank you cards to match. You'll have to pay $5 for envelopes + additional $5 for thank you envelopes + paper for both $10 (we're printing 2-up here :) ) + printing this will be $17.94 for both items (2-up again) + plus you need to design this thing and word sucks for that, just sayin'. So you're going to pay $5+$5+10+17.94 = $37.94 and you might even need more envelopes or paper. 25 invites for $37.94 = $1.50/invite

I can do them for $0.85/ea - just sayin'.