Lilac Suede specializes in creating wedding stationery, party invitations and baby and bridal shower invitations - showcasing life’s most fabulous moments, on paper. We'll give you the look you want, with the budget you desire and 100% satisfaction of your product. You have the option to pick from our showroom or we can create something just for you at no extra cost.


Lilac Suedes customizable, ‘a la carte’ invitations are made to your utmost satisfaction, offering valuable prices, creativity and the exact invitation you want and need.


We will provide you with up to five (5) different designs per piece of stationery, you then get to mix and match your pieces to create your dreams. We can help you from the beginning stages of asking your bridal party all the way to the thank you card and beyond. 

Not only does Lilac Suede design invitations, but we also love helping entrepreneurs and small businesses with their business design needs. 


Designing for the United States, Canada and Australia.



                          Amanda is the heart and soul 
Lilac Suede. She created her
wedding stationery as

                          nothing seemed to fit her ideas;
                          and decided that making others
                          special day memorable was 
what she wanted to do. 


Amanda carefully creates each piece of stationery with the clients look in mind. You can walk in the door with a thought in your mind, and she'll transform it into what you've never expected, and then, you'll fall in love. She has a knack for 

typography and truly understanding your desires.

Lilac Suede started as a hobby, and the hobby emerged and referrals were rolling in; soon Amanda found herself between a rock and hard place and she chose the hard place and decided to make Lilac Suede become her full-time career. 

Creating over 300 weddings and 150 various other invitations, Lilac Suede is a dream.


Amanda is a mother to three active and loud young boys, wife, sister, friend and daughter. She loves spending time with her family and has not forgotten that good ole' fashion mail is still fun to receive.

She gained her expertise from the University of Wisconsin Green Bay with a Bachelors Degree in Communication of the Arts and Corporate Communications.

Contact her today. 





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